Trending in Business – Cannabis Oil and its Benefits

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Trending in Business – Cannabis Oil and its Benefits

Cannabis oil and its benefits are trending in business these days. Medical cannabis is the new kid on the block when it comes to health as more people turn to alternative therapies. Being in the cannabis business is big news these days as the market surges and more American states legalising it. There are several predictions for big business to get really involved in the cannabis industry and here are some ideas:

  • When medical cannabis does as well as it is doing in Los Angeles, it opens up doors for the recreational cannabis industry. More companies apply for licenses to grow cannabis, manufacture cannabis products, distribute and market it – as a medical therapy and as a pleasurable past time. Suddenly, everyone in this chain effect is doing well. And the users are laughing for joy as they treat illnesses and get high.
  • Professional athletes are increasingly using cannabis for pain and to treat injuries, instead of taking pharmaceutical pain killers or opiates. There are opportunities here for big business. cannabis oil has so many healing benefits, from being a natural anti-inflammatory and pain killer, to be a calming substance that helps patients sleep better, reducing anxiety and depression at the same time.
  • There are still many battles being fought over the legality of cananbinoids for medication. Cannabidiol (CBD) is harmless while tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is psychoactive and makes the user high. There are therefore plans to increase the manufacturing of artificial or fake CBD which does not have the same effect as pure CBD though.
  • Marketing around cannabis oil and its benefits could become quite arty and creative. Packaging, advertising and branding are taking off already and, like craft beer, there could soon be craft cannabis available for trendy people to try.
  • Re-using cannabis that has failed regulations could create a side market for cannabis products. When cannabis fails safety tests, it means it is contaminated with pesticides or other chemicals, mould or bacteria. Growers are asking how they can rather use this failed crop to make cannabis concentrates in solvents, rather than having to destroy the entire crop (which is a huge waste of finances and investment).

A Trendy Cannabis Market

Some businesses are calling the trendy cannabis market the “green rush” and many more want to jump on this bandwagon. It is similar to going for a drink but now you go for an oil or a vaporiser.  Many states and cities in America are seen to be trendy and behaviour of citizens is changing constantly. Consumers want to use medical cannabis oil for its benefits, negating the use of dangerous, addictive opiates. And they want to play with recreational cannabis, instead of taking to alcohol. So when cannabis is legalised in one state, it creates a trend and the way it is marketed can make or break a particular brand. Competition is becoming fiercer as more dispensaries open and more growers apply for licenses.

What are Cannabis Oil Benefits?

Entrepreneurial opportunities are increasing and now, trending in business is cannabis oil and its benefits. Did you know that CBD can fix your back ache, alleviate your headaches, relieve your sore joints and benefit your mental anguish? Did you know that tiny bit of THC will relax you and you will no longer crave hard liquor? All these presumptions are true for some people. But our advice is always “everything in moderation” which also applies to THC. Blending THC with CBD is a better way of treating a condition without getting high. Small business is learning these facts about cannabis to market it even better. Imagine staying at a cannabis Bed and Breakfast one day? Or starting your own cannabis delivery service? These ideas could be trending soon in business, all because cannabis oil has so many benefits.

Do your homework if you want to be part of the business in cannabis oil – trending right now!


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