Take Pure Cannabis Oil as a Daily Health Treatment

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February 21, 2018
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Take Pure Cannabis Oil as a Daily Health Treatment

Anyone can take pure cannabis oil as a daily health treatment. If you have any health niggles, aches and pains, itches and spasms, then pure cannabis oil taken daily could sort you out. What have you got to lose? Adding a few drops of pure cannabis oil tincture, a few capsules, maybe a suck or two on a vape pen daily to your health regime, may stand you in good stead one day when you are older and still bouncing around like a 20-something youth! So, why should you take pure cannabis oil as a daily health treatment?

What is Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis oil is a derivation of cannabis, a plant brimming with health-giving cannabinoids. The two most common and talked about cannabinoids are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which have been found to heal pain, inflammation, depression and a myriad other ailments. CBD and THC are the main chemical compounds that enter  your body when you take cannabis oil but there are strains of cannabis that contain only CBD or only THC. THC is psychoactive so needs to be taken responsibly and has always been used for that recreational high. CBD is a panacea that people use to treat common conditions like insomnia and anxiety, and chronic illness like cancer, fibromyalgia and arthritis. Both cannabinoids are fantastic health treatments but the best way to take THC is to mix it with CBD to alleviate the psychoactive properties it exhibits. You can take pure CBD-infused cannabis oil as a daily health treatment, no problem.

What can CBD do for you?

  1. CBD alleviates chronic inflammation and pain – it works in tune with the body’s endocannabinoid system by triggering the pain receptors in the body that deal with pain and inflammation. This helps the endocannabinoid system to maintain a balance of homeostasis, essential for health. When it is out of balance, dis-ease begins. Inflammation is the basis of most disease. CBD works so much better than pharmaceuticals which have side effects that have been known to harm the liver, kidneys, heart and other organs.
  2. CBD relieves anxiety and stress – it is a calming tonic which has treated many people for their anxiety. It promotes better sleep patterns, better eating patterns and better energy levels which all help to control stress.
  3. CBD helps manage blood sugar levels – it regulates blood sugar levels, so helping people avoid getting diabetes or high blood pressure. This in turn helps with obesity and weight issues.
  4. CBD can enhance other medication – always confer with your doctor first but many people have taken pure cannabis oil in conjunction with their pharmaceutical medications and found that the two work well together. If you take chemotherapy for example, the CBD alleviates the symptoms of nausea and vomiting, lack of appetite, anorexia and depression. When people are taking opiates and they then take CBD, they are often able to wean themselves off the opiates which can become addictive.
  5. CBD can hinder cancer cell growth –  the cannabinoids force the cancer cells to commit apoptosis or cell suicide. And they also starve the cancerous tumours by stopping the development of new blood vessels to supply food to these tumours. The way the cannabinoids interact with receptors in the endocannabinoid system has huge impacts on how the body fights the cancer and increases its immunity.

Pure Cannabis Oil as a Nutritional Supplement

CBD is more than simply a supplement to a diet – it is a way of life, a recognised medical cure for many human diseases and conditions. So this puts it on the level of a medication which really works. Choose pure cannabis oil for its abilility to go straight to the ailing part of the body without any side effects. Be careful of CBD that is sold by unscrupulous vendors which may be contaminated or impure and could damage your health, instead of enhance it. Our body produces endogenous cannabinoids but when the endocannabinoid system is not functioning at its optimum it is wise to take CBD to boost this system, restoring its homeostasis.

Chat to us at Cannabis Network News and find out how we can assist you with a pure cannabis oil made from organic ingredients. Treat your health with something that you can rely on.





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  1. Alison Smith says:

    I am enquiring about the CBD nutritional supplement. I don’t have any serious health issues besides bipolar disorder and ADHD. I would like to take the medication as a health supplement to prevent ill health. Please send me all the information regarding the medication

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