Medical Cannabis as an Alternative Medicine

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November 22, 2017
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Medical Cannabis as an Alternative Medicine

Medical cannabis is used daily by people all over the world as an alternative medicine. Because cannabis has been used for thousands of years to heal all kinds of maladies. Because cannabis sativa is a safe way to stay healthy and yet it is illegal in so many countries. Researchers are studying the many benefits of cannabis and want to make it available to people who need it, but laws are stifling the sale and purchase of this alternative medicine.

Medical Cannabis Should be Legalised

In America, cannabis is classified as a Schedule 1 drug which makes any attempts to study its medicinal values very difficult. But at least 16 US states have made it legal to use medicinal cannabis for chronic diseases such as pain and cancer and HIV-related symptoms. Medical cannabis needs to be recognised worldwide as an alternative medicine and lives will be saved.

In South Africa, medical cannabis is not yet legal but so many citizens know that it is a powerful alternative medicine and many South Africans are using it already. The latest news is that cannabis oil is now a Schedule 6 drug and while unlawful, the law is not being enforced. Scientists have recognised the medicinal value of medical cannabis oils – that they can treat seizures,  reduce nausea and vomiting, combats neuro-degenerative disorders, fights inflammation, anxiety and depression and also is able to stop cancer tumours in their tracks.

What do Cannabinoids do?

Cannabinoids within the cannabis plant have been found to stimulate the endocannabinoid system, the body’s innate system of homeostasis where receptors interact with the cannabis cannabinoids and start a process of healing. If doctors could use this evidence to make medicinal cannabis work to heal then it would be the best alternative medicine available.  Cannabis oils have no side effects and are usually made with organic carrier oils, essential oils and herbs if used as drops, tinctures and creams. A non-toxic way to getting better!

Scientists say that so many people are already using medical cannabis as an alternative medicine while they battle to get the research done due to laws banning cannabis products. But anecdotal evidence is overwhelming that medical cannabis really works.

Some Very Real Benefits of Medical Cannabis

  • Appetite – cannabis can be used to stimulate appetite in anorexics and those who are undergoing chemotherapy or those who have HIV or AIDS
  • Pain – cannabis oils can ease neuropathic pain caused by spine surgery, amputation, multiple sclerosis and HIV, as well as any inflammation caused by arthritis and other diseases
  • Nausea – cannabis oils can relieve the nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy and are a great alternative medicine when compared to conventional drugs
  • Muscle tension and spasms – medical cannabis can relieve inflammation and pain and relax the patient enough to sort out muscle tension and spasms. Often, the topicals work especially well to soothe sore muscles and cramps
  • Insomnia – when patients sleep more, they immediately get better and can cope with other drugs they have to take for cancer and other ailments. The cannabis also relieves anxiety which then allows sleep to come.

More governments need to recognise that medical cannabis works as an alternative medicine and that so many people are already using it so it should be legalised. Contact us for your dosage of cannabis to soothe your ailments or discuss with us your health issues.


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