Make CBD Cannabis Oil Part of Your Everyday Life

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Make CBD Cannabis Oil Part of Your Everyday Life

The more you read about cannabis oils and the more you realise just what a medical aide they can be, the more you get the courage to take the plunge and make CBD oil part of your everyday life. The cannabis plant is made up of complex active compounds, one of which is CBD, or cannabidiol, and another being THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol. These have completely different properties and are used in unique ways by medical doctors and alternative doctors alike: CBD is a wonderful health fix that you can take everyday of you life for things like lack of sleep, pain management, stress and anxiety, skin health and even heart health. THC, on the other hand, is the oil that gives you that high – but used correctly, in the right doses, it can also cure pain, stress, lack of appetite and energy – and is a great sedative.

CBD as a Health Supplement

CBD is extracted from the flowering part of the cannabis plant or from the hemp of its stalk – it is therefore completely legal in many countries as it does not give you that high and is literally brimming with health qualities. Hemp seed oil contains very little CBD and is packed with Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids which we all need as daily supplements – it is often used to flavour CBD and THC.

We have all heard that saying “Prevention is better than cure” and this is the slogan we need to share to promote CBD as a daily health supplement. Getting ill and suffering from chronic pain, cancer, arthritis, migraines, seizures, stress, respiratory issues and more can be stopped. Boost your immunity and nurture your health when you make CBD cannabis oil part of your everyday life.

Let’s look at a few great reasons why you should buy CBD for your bathroom cabinet today:

  • Heart health – CBD ensures relaxation and is a great stress reliever. It is also known as a volatile oil which acts quickly to do its work – it will be able to balance out the bad oils in  your body if you eat an unhealthy, fatty diet. Your heart has to work extra hard if you are not a healthy eater so start with a healthy oil and make sure you change your diet to incorporate more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, seeds and nuts.
  • Pain – many of us take over-the-counter medications for headaches and other pains but why not invest in some CBD which is great to relieve muscle pain, migraines, arthritis and more. Apply it as a cream, topically, or take it orally as an oil or capsules and it will do the work fast.
  • Stress and Anxiety – modern day life is full of worry and over-thinking. Most people we know are stressed – about work, relationships, children, money and health. Now you can get rid of that anxiety, which is a great threat to your immune system, and take CBD as part of your everyday life. Cannabis oil in this form is safe, non-addictive and organic in most cases. Take it in small doses and you will maintain a mental balance as the cannabidiols do good work within the brain.
  • Skin – CBD can sort out your wrinkles, pigmentation, acne and dry skin issues if you apply it topically and regularly. It is also a wonderful, natural treatment for psoriasis, eczema and other skin diseases, turning your skin into a glowing, healthy friend again. Consuming CBD orally is also a great way to care for your skin as what we eat is usually reflected in our skin and the right oil promotes a glowing and healthy skin.
  • Epilepsy – this neurodegenerative disorder can be helped using CBD which can actually slow down the onset of seizures and even prevent some of the worst side-effects of epilepsy. When given to children, it shortens the seizures and keeps them calm. CBD is a powerful antioxident that allows the body to rejuvenate and strengthen – including cells within the brain.

The list goes on and on. What we do know is that CBD is a great immune booster, therefore the ideal supplement to keep at home. Then you will not need to spend money on drugs and vitamins that don’t work. We urge you to chat to our staff and choose your CBD oil then make it a part of your everyday life today.

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