Being Vegan is the Healthiest Way to Live

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The word is out that being vegan is the healthiest way to live. Yet some people contend this finding because they eat and love meat. Some people say that vegans do not get enough nutrients and vitamins. This puts them at risk of developing some diseases like iron deficiencies, depression and osteoporosis. Going vegan means going meat free, free of animal proteins. Many people choose to go vegan to avoid heart disease, obesity, arthritis, cancer and other debilitating conditions like diabetes. Going vegan is a lifestyle choice, and an ethical one too. Many animals farmed for human consumption are maltreated and pumped full of hormones and antibiotics – which people then consume too. Veganism should ideally incorporate organic foods to ensure no harmful additives mar the healthy diet and lifestyle.

Giving up Meat Towards Being Vegan

Meat diets tend to be high in saturated fats which promote heart disease, and vegan diets are high in vitamin C which promotes a strong immune system. Giving up meat should be done mindfully, though, according to experts. Allow your body to adjust to a meat free diet slowly by gradually cutting out red meat, then white meat – then all meat.

Most health practitioners will give you this advice if you are giving up meat to become vegan, the healthiest way to live:

  • eat iron-rich foods (beans, seeds, dried raisins, beetroot, dark leafy greens) alongside foods rich in Vitamin C (fruits, red peppers, broccoli). This improves iron absorption.
  • take a Vitamin B12 supplement – this vitamin is only found in animal foods so a supplement is necessary – Vitamin B12 is vital for healthy nerve and blood cells, and a lack can cause fatigue, nerve issues and depression
  • make sure you get enough protein from the right sources – soy beans, lentils, beans, quinoa, tofu, green peas, buckwheat, brown rice, oats
  • be careful of filling up on processed foods and mock meat products full of soy
  • be careful of additives and animal products in processed foods such as health bars, cereals, snacks
  • get enough calcium from green leafy vegetables, soy beans, oranges, figs, cereals, plant-based milks

Meat and Cancer

Recent studies show that eating too much meat can make the meat eater prone to stomach and colon cancer. A vegan diet is the healthiest way to live as vegans have the least risk of getting cancer. And a vegan diet protects people from getting many other health conditions and diseases, avoiding death from disease. These studies echo the positive impacts of eating a Mediterranean diet which is plant-based, packed full of fruits and vegetables, offers cold-pressed vegetable oils, pulses and nuts, very little dairy and meat, very little alcohol and sugar. Vegans need to read labels to avoid all animal proteins. Find real substitutes for meat and enjoy the process. Eating food should be fun and enjoyable, not a difficult task that makes you depressed!

Animal Farms are Cruel and Promote Global Warming

Yes, the word out there is that being vegan is the healthiest way to live. Look at how many animals are treated these days to get meat into supermarkets? On today’s factory farms, animals are crammed by the thousands into filthy, windowless sheds and stuffed into wire cages, metal crates, and other torturous devices. These animals will never raise their families, root around in the soil, build nests, or do anything that is natural and important to them. Most won’t even feel the warmth of the sun on their backs or breathe fresh air until the day they’re loaded onto trucks headed for slaughterhouses. (

This is enough to put anyone off eating meat, not to mention the fact that meat farms contribute the most to global warming and climate change. But that is a whole new article. As it stands, being a vegan is one of the healthiest ways to live!



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