Cannabis Oil Treatment for Insomnia

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September 29, 2017
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October 3, 2017

Cannabis oil treatment for insomnia

Did you know that up to 35% of the population battles to sleep? Insomnia is generally a result of people living in the past and in the future, without being fully in the present. They worry about what happened and what is about to happen or what could happen. This causes stress, anxiety, worry and more. Sometimes insomnia is a result of a trauma or an upsetting event. The impacts of insomnia can ultimately be life-threatening: loss of memory, the haphazard focus during the day, lack of energy and irritation. People can fall asleep while driving or experience extreme road rage. Time to take cannabis oil!

How does cannabis oil influence sleep?

It has been shown through research that cannabis oil – the CBD oil – in the right doses helps people to fall asleep and it also ensures a better quality sleep. During your sleep, there are phases of Rapid Eye Movement (REM), when you dream, and deep sleep – the CBD oil actually shortens the REM, lengthening the deep sleep phase. When people dream less and sleep more, their memory gets better and their depression eases. CBD also has a positive effect on dopamine levels in the body which means you sleep easier and more relaxed. Cannabis oil also has a great effect on the causes of insomnia – it can decrease anxiety and pain or post-traumatic stress disorder allowing you to sleep better.

Why is insomnia a health hazard?

When you don’t sleep it shows that your body is out of balance and that your immune system is battling. Insomnia is caused by several issues: stress, anxiety, pain, hormonal imbalances, going to bed too late, consuming too much caffeine, some medications and illnesses. If you sleep well, you immediately have more energy, a better mood, your muscles relax and your brain can recharge. Sleep rejuvenates body and mind for the next day and if you don’t get enough sleep,  you are unfocused, tense and moody. All of this has links to the state of your innate endocannabinoid system which maintains your body’s homeostatic balance. Taking CBD oil allows the body to re-align and health improves.

Take it from us, cannabis oil works to solve your insomnia. Contact us to get your correct dosage today.


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