Use a Medical Cannabis Oil to Treat Your Pain

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November 30, 2017
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Use a Medical Cannabis Oil to Treat Your Pain

We call it a medical cannabis oil today and we use it to treat your pain – and any other issues you may have. Centuries ago, they called it marijuana and did not have to mention the word medical as the plant was their doctor. People have used marijuana or cannabis for thousands of years as herbal medicine, to treat all kinds of conditions and diseases. Cannabis is made up of cannabinoids and those that come from plants are called phytocannabinoids. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main psychoactive cannabinoid in the plant and cannabidiol (CBD) is another primary ingredient. THC and CBD can both be used to treat your pain and inflammation but CBD is better as it does not make you high like THC can.

Relieving Inflammation with Medical Cannabis Oil

Studies are showing that cannabinoids are able to vary the degree of pain by hindering the transmission of neurons in pain pathways to the brain. Medical cannabis oil can treat your pain by relieving your inflammation and changing the way your brain reads the pain. Patients who took CBD had less pain and those who took THC slept better and experienced far less pain too. Looking at the causes of pain is interesting – chronic pain can be a result of damage to tissues or inflammation of tissues OR it can be the result of injury to the nervous system or something not operating correctly in the nervous system. Every person responds differently to pain and every person responds differently to medical cannabis oil when they want to treat their pain.

Stop Opioids, Use Medical Cannabis Oil

Many people are resorting to pain killers or opioids and many are getting addicted to these conventional drugs. So much so that the opioids are killing them. More people are turning to medical cannabis oil to treat their pain. There is increasing quality evidence that cannabis oil does work and it can be used by the medical profession as a medicinal therapy in countries where cannabis is legal. Medical cannabis oil is far safer to use than opioids and has no side effects. People suffering pain who resorted to medical cannabis oil were able to stop their use of opioids and to enjoy a far better quality of life.

Endocannabinoids and Cannabinoids Interact

Use a medical cannabis oil to treat your pain because it is a useful pain killer. It works with the body’s innate endocannabinoid system (ECS) which is responsible for the maintenance of pain and health. The ECS allows endocannabinoid transmitters (chemicals in the brain) to help your body to react to harmful stimuli and to ease pain and inflammation. The brain produces more endocannabinoids when the body is injured to manage the pain so when the patient takes cannabis oil, these cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoids to relieve the pain. Medical cannabis oil can therefore be used in many forms to treat pain – tinctures, capsules, oils, edibles, creams,vape oils and suppositories.  Patients choose the method that suits their illnesses and these range from muscular injuries to arthritis, fybromyalgia and much more.

So take the plunge and try medical cannabis oil today to treat your pain. Contact us for all your queries and products.

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