Treat PTSD with Cannabis Oil

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January 8, 2018
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January 10, 2018

Treat PTSD with Cannabis Oil

The good news is that you can now treat PTSD with cannabis oil. This disease is very hard to understand but it affects more people as we live out hectic lives. Post traumatic stress disorder is a condition of extreme anxiety and fear that results after a trauma. This can be anything from an accident to a birth trauma, child abuse and sexual abuse to being fired from a job, losing a loved one or seeing something terrible happen, such as a fire or flood.

The person experiencing the disorder relives what happened over and over again and certain things around them tend to trigger these memories. The part of the brain that manages fear is stimulated and the person feels extreme anxiety and depression. People with PTSD tend to show uncontrollable emotions such as fear and anger, they feel emotionally numb, they feel detached, they have nightmares and cannot sleep, and they can get addicted to substances.

Cannabis Oil Works to Heal PTSD

Many PTSD sufferers battle to function in everyday life but now evidence is emerging that you can treat PTSD with cannabis oil. Cannabis oil is a great treatment for PTSD as it calms the person’s emotions, lessens the anxiety and allows a good night’s sleep. Many people still wonder if it is possible to get over PTSD at all, but with the findings regarding cannabis oil, this perception is changing. Studies are revealing that not only can you treat PTSD with cannabis oil, but so too can you prevent it from occurring if used correctly. A person should take cannabis oil directly after a trauma to prevent the symptoms from recurring – reliving the memory of the incident, fear, insomnia,depression and more.

Medical Cannabis Oil Really Works

These positive findings mean that legalities are easing up around the use of cannabis oil as medication. Medical cannabis oil is a panacea for so many conditions it is hard to list them all here. Cannabis consists of many different chemical compounds called cannabinoids. Tetrhydrocannabinol (THC) is the one that makes you high while cannabidiol (CBD) is the one that heals without the psychoactive effects. When used together, the CBD subdues the psychoactive effects of the THC and the cannabinoids heal better. Treat your Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) with cannabis oil and feel good again.

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