Stop Diabetes in its Tracks with Cannabis Oil

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Stop Diabetes in its Tracks with Cannabis Oil

It is possible nowadays to stop diabetes in its tracks with cannabis oil. Not long ago, doctors prescribed heavy medications and even surgery to sort out the symptoms associated with diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2. There are numerous anecdotal accounts of people with diabetes who have successfully treated their symptoms with cannabis oil. And there are numerous ongoing studies showing how cannabis oil does relieve diabetes type 1 symptoms and can even help reverse diabetes type 2.

Cannabis Oil Can Assist with Diabetes Type 1 an 2

Diabetes is a very serious disease and comes in several types. If cannabis oil can assist with insulin levels, blood pressure and immunity issues, it could be the way to go. Research has revealed that cannabinoids in the cannabis plant have natural medical powers and the two most common cannabinoids are being used as medical cannabis in many countries worldwide. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the compound that makes you high.Cannabidiol (CBD) is the compound that is non-psychoactive and a health panacea. Mix the two in specific ratios and you have a potent medicine to treat many diseases, including diabetes type 1 and type 2.

CBD Oil Can Stop Diabetes in its Tracks

CBD is a natural inflammatory and can shift the body’s immune response to fight disease. If the immune system is unbalanced, autoimmune diseases may arise – such as diabetes type 1. Most tests were done on rats but people with diabetes have raved about the positive effects of cannabis oil on their symptoms. Cannabis oil may not stop diabetes type 1 in its tracks, but it will delay the condition from getting worse and at least allow the patient a better quality of life.

Stopping Diabetes Type 2 in its Tracks with Cannabis Oil

Diabetes type 2 can be stopped in its tracks using cannabis oil as this disease is caused by the poor metabolism of carbohydrates. Sugars are stored in fat cells when the body is so full of sugars that the pancreas has to work overtime to pump out insulin remove these sugars from the blood. When the pancreas is exhausted, blood sugars soar and diabetes type 2 kicks in. People who overload their bodies with sugar are eating too many sweets and chocolates, refined pastas, cereals and fruit juices. The body battles to regulate this overload of glucose. The best way to reverse this disorder is to start a low-carbohydrate diet and to exercise more. Some people may have to take insulin to balance their blood sugars.

Cannabis Oil to the Diabetes Rescue

CBD-infused cannabis oils can make the functioning of metabolism so much better and relieve the autoimmunity that is happening in diabetes type 1. It can also help a lot to reduce the symptoms of the diabetes in all its forms. Patients who took cannabis oil for their nervous and nerve disorders did notice it worked. And when other patients were given CBD, they showed an improvement in insulin reponse and much better cell functioning in the pancreas. They also had lower blood glucose levels, lower blood pressure and less inflammation. Insulin seemed to balance out.

Cannabis oil can also assist with quality of life in general – better sleep, better appetite, less anxiety and depression and a general healthy constitution which will fight disease better. Contact us to hear how you can get your dosage of cannabis oil to stop diabetes in its tracks.





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