In Which Countries is Cannabis Legal?

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September 28, 2017
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Where do we get cannabis oil from?

The legality of cannabis oil differs from country to country so we will assist you in this article to ensure you know in which countries cannabis oil is legal. All around the world, people use hemp oil for health and medical issues. While hemp and marijuana (or cannabis) are the same species, they differ in physical appearance and physiological make up. Hemp is a tall spiky plant that grows in narrow spaces while marijuana is shorter and spreads out more therefore needs more room to grow. Hemp oil contains high concentrations of CBD oil and so does cannabis, it just depends how it is extracted and used. You can get CBD oil from hemp oil, hemp seed oil and cannabis oil. They are all very useful as a health supplement and medical therapy and they don’t give the user a high as the THC does.

Countries in which cannabis oil is legal

Cannabis oil is legal in some countries as it is used for medical reasons and the laws usually state that it can only be used for these reasons.

  • United States of America – in most states, the patient must have a medical card showing that he has been approved to use cannabis oil for medical reasons. But in Colorado, Alaska, Oregon and Washington states, people can use marijuana for medical and recreational purposes.
  • United Kingdom – CBD oil was recently recognised as a medicine which is legal but the use of cannabis oil is not allowed. It is illegal to own, sell or use cannabis oil for any reason.
  • Canada – medical marijuana is legal but the country is still deciding whether to legalise the plant for recreational use.
  • Colombia – medical marijuana is legal but it is unlawful to smoke cannabis in public.
  • Czech Republic – Cannabis oil for medical use is legal and marijuana is grown by local companies but indivduals may not grow it at home.
  • Netherlands – marijuana use is legal.
  • Uruguay – it is legal to grow, sell and consume cannabis and its oils.
  • Romania – cannabis oil is legal but the plant is not.
  • France – cannabis oil is legal but the plant is not. In other words, no one is allowed to plant, sell, own or consume cannabis but its oils may be used for medical reasons.
  • Austria – individuals may carry up to 5g of cannabis for personal use but no one may grow, sell or transport cannabis. Punishment involves therapy.
  • Belgium – adults can own or carry up to 3g of cannabis and grow one plant per private property but selling and transporting cannabis is illegal.
  • Croatia – cannabis oil is legal if used for medical reasons such as cancer, multiple sclerosis and AIDS. No one can have marijuana in their possession however.
  • Estonia – cannabis and its oils can be used for medical reasons such as cancer and individuals may carry/own small amounts of drugs, including cannabis.
  • Finland – cannabis is illegal except for a handful of residents who are allowed to use cannabis and cannabis oil for medical reasons in medicines called Nabiximols or Bedrocan.
  • Germany – it is illegal to own cannabis but individuals can get permission to use it for a medically supervised health programme.
  • Italy – the medical and industrial use of cannabis is strictly regulated with plants grown for this cause. People are fined if they are found with cannabis on their person.
  • Portugal – all drugs have been decriminalised since 2001 and people need permission to own, grow, buy or consume drugs.
  • Serbia – some cannabis products are legal but people need permission to use cannabis for medical reasons.

It can be seen that cannabis oil is slowly becoming a globally accepted health product in the home and maybe one day we can buy it freely in pharmacies. Research into the great impacts that cannabis oil has on health is ongoing and there is evidence that this natural health product can be a panacea in the medical industry.

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