How to Consume Your Cannabis Oils

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How to Consume Your Cannabis Oils

How do you consume your cannabis oils once it is removed from the cannabis plant? Cannabidiol or CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are extracted from the cannabis plant using a range of diluters. THC is the psychoactive compound while CBD is known for its lack of side effects, but huge potential to heal body and mind. The question is, which intake method do you choose to consume your cannabis oils?

Some manufacturers of medicinal cannabis use CO2 to extract their CBD under low temperatures and high pressure points to make a very strong oil. Other companies use ethanol in their tinctures, while those who prefer to go the organic route use coconut and olive oils as their carrier oils. Check out the oils Cannabis Network News offers and make your choice.

Consuming Methods for Cannabis Oil

  • Vaporizing cannabis oils – get yourself a vape pen to inhale your CBD oil so that the effects are felt quickly. This is a much better method than smoking as it does not cause lung damage because there is no combustion of the oil itself. Invest in a vaproizer and a high quality CBD oil to get your healthy fix. Most people vape a CBD e-juice which is the cannabis oil in a different form and does not make you high. Some patients vape the THC oil for immediate relief from pain but then they also get a high.
  • Creams and salves containing cannabis oils – CBD topical ointments are ideal for inflammation, pain, irritated skin and muscle aches. Use it for arthritis, psoriasis, acne and other skin complaints and see the difference in a few days.
  • Cannabis oil tinctures – these are usually coconut or olive oil based for purity and less concentrated than oils. Tinctures offer different strengths of the CBD compound and is taken under or onto the tongue. Shop at Cannabis Network News for your THC, THCA, CBD & CBN tincture, depending on your needs and ailments.
  • CBD sublingual spray – take your cannabis oil in a concentrated form by spraying it under your tongue. These discreet ways of consuming your cannabis oil can be taken anywhere and at set times so that you can take your medication with you.

Why Consume CBD in  your Cannabis Oil?

CBD has very strong medicinal and therapeutic effects for the most common conditions to the most chronic diseases. It does not give you the high that THC does but it does give you real relief from ill-health and has no side effects. Did you know that CBD can treat cancer, fibromyalgia, depression, ADHD,Crohn’s disease, anxiety and arthritis? There are many more reasons why people consume cannabis oils and we know how you can do this. We have a range of intake methods available for your cannabis oil consumption. We know that every patient has unique needs and needs a different type of cannabis oil. Please contact us here for answers to your questions about how to consume your cannabis oils.


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