Cannabis Vape Oils are Hot Right Now

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September 20, 2017
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September 27, 2017

The choice to vape marijuana oil is hot right now. Because it is unobtrusive, more subtle, very appropriate and very easy to do. It is also probably the healthiest way to consume cannabis besides taking the natural oil. A vape oil suitable for working men and women on the go all day. Some see it as an attractive way to consume a healthy dose of cannabis oils too.

Why CBD Vape Oils?

Get your daily dose of cannabis oil as a daily immune booster far easier with a quality vaporiser. Just buy quality vape oils. CBD vape oil is the cannabis oil of choice now for vaping, not the THC vape oils. To clear things up a bit, CBD oil is made from industrial fiber hemp plants and it cannot make you high or stoned. It is a health therapy and can cure many common ailments. THC  oils, on the other hand (Tetrahydrocannabinol) are an active substance that can produce a high. Cannabis vape oils are hot right now because they have health benefits – choose CBD oils as remedies for your maladies, not THC for the high. If you vape, you avoid all those health issues related to smoking because the herb is only heated to the point where the needed cannabinoids are set free without actually burning the material.

What is Vaporizing?

This the method used to heat dried cannabis, or cannabis oil to a certain temperature just below burning or ignition point – which is around 392 degrees F. It is only during the past 10 years that people have started to vape more and to use the cannabis oils more as a health benefit. Of course the market is now inundated with different kinds of vaporizers, from pens to portable and stationary vaporizers. When you choose a cannabis oil to vape, make sure you find the right oil for your needs (to heal a certain illness or medical condition or to boost your immunity) and discuss this with your GP. High tech vaporizers can distribute cannabis extracts to the right part of your body in a way that is dose specific. Avoid the harmful impacts of smoking which is carcinogenic.

Types of Vapes

  • Pen Vapes – small portable vaporizers that are unobtrusive, easy to use, and cost much less than bigger vaporizers that you can move around, or those that you keep in one place. Remember that vape pens can usually transmit energy for heating so make sure you understand how it works so as not to overheat your pen vape. Luckily there are many different kinds of pens to choose from.
  • Direct draw – usually associated with pen vapes, these vaporizers come with mouthpieces joined to the item which encourages the vapor to flow straight from the warm element to the one doing the vaping. Some direct draw vaporizers offer a removable stem (typically glass), while others have the mouthpiece permanently attached (like pen vaporizers).
  • Portable Vaporizers – chosen by travellers who want something small and easy to carry when they need their cannabis. Slip these into your bag and you can access them anytime – they also look very nondescript so won’t draw attention to you when you do use them. Add to this the fact that they can be recharged, or you fill up with butane or choose a flame one. They are becoming more streamlined even as you read this.
  • Desktop or Stationary Vaporizers – easy to use at home, these kinds of vaporizers need to plugged in somewhere convenient as you cannot move these around. The plus side of choosing these vapes is that they produce a better quality vapor via a convection heating source and they offer techno trendy features – invite your friends around to vape with you for  a rewarding chillout time together.
  • Balloon style or bag Vapes -often used in a group, these plastic bags can be attached to a vape unit through a valve to stop the vapor escaping. While the bag is being passed around the room, the owner sticks a mouthpiece into the valve to keep the vapor there for the next bag round. Some of these vapes use tubes so that users draw straight from the bag – the vapor can be very hot and strong however.
  • Tubing or Whip Vaporizers – Tubes or whips are long pipes made from silicone piping, about a meter in length, which is attached to the vaporizer and a fan forces air over the cannabis, through this pipe into a bag or balloon. You draw on the mouthpiece to get your vapor but no cannabis gets into your mouth thanks to the wand which separates you from the herb.

Cannabis oil vapes are hot right now, so get yours today. You will find that the benefits are many – you get increased and effective there are substantial advantages associated with vaporization which include more efficient abstraction of the cannabinoids and you are not exposed to the toxins you get from smoking such as tar and monoxide. This is just one way to get your cannabis oil therapy for holistic health.

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