Cannabis Oil has Numerous Success Stories

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December 30, 2017
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Cannabis Oil has Numerous Success Stories

Cannabis oil has numerous success stories – as a natural medication that can heal people from all kinds of ailments. You just have to trawl the internet and ask about cannabis oil and your health or a particular disease and  you find hundreds of articles. Using cannabis as a medical therapy for chronic illness or for maintaining a healthy immune system can be done safely. We know that cannabis oil has numerous success stories, of how people have cured their cancer, their epilepsy, their heart issues and their depression. Read more below.

Cannabis Oil Successfully Treats Ed’s Cancer

When Ed’s * (not his real name) dad found out he had stage 3b metastatic lung cancer AND a brain tumour on his brain stem, he went for chemotherapy and radiation of his lungs and brain. The radiation caused terrible damage to his body, resulting in radiation Pneumonitis, a kind of pneumonia caused by radiation. Doctors told Ed’s dad he had weeks to live and sent him to live in a hospice. Ed said his dad was wasting away and breathing oxygen full time, bedridden daily. Then Ed thought about cannabis oil and he looked up the numerous success stories about people who eased their cancer and chemotherapy symptoms using cannabis oil. Ed chose to give his dad cannabis oil and coconut oil capsules and in one full day he was out of bed. Then he started to eat and a week later he did not need extra oxygen. For six months, Ed’s dad continued taking cannabis oil which improved his appetite and his will to live. Ed wanted to merely make his dad comfortable as he approached death and instead, he cured the cancer!

Ed’s dad is a good example of cannabis oil success story and after 9 months he was cancer free. Now he is 5 years down the line and still has no signs of cancer in his brain or lungs. Now Ed aims to educate both the medical profession and the lay person about cannabis oil and how it can heal and boost the immune system.

Wanda uses Cannabis Oil for Extreme Pain and Inflammation – Another Success

Cannabis oil has numerous success stories and the story about Wanda, a 63 year old woman is just that. Stress ruled her life for years and she was grinding her teeth away at night – she suffered from serious pain, migraines, fibromyalgia, degenerative discs, lumbar fracture, osteoarthritis and severe inflammation in her joints. To add to this, Wanda did not sleep at night and needed the machine to assist her with sleep apnea. When she started to take cannabis oil instead of myriad pills and medications, she started to feel better. She takes 10-12 drops every night and 2-4 drops during the day every 6 hours.

Cannabis oil is showing evidence of being a real therapeutic medicine – it has numerous success stories including Wanda’s tale of healing. Wanda was soon out of pain and able to walk. The cannabis oil decreased her inflammation and joint pain and she no longer grinds her teeth at night. Gone is the sleep apnea and the insomnia and health has returned. Wanda wants to share her cannabis oil success story with others.

Cannabis Oil for Connor is a Successful Medication

Far away in Ireland, Connor * was enduring extreme back pain from prolapsed discs L4/L5 and L5/S1. He would have to rush to hospital when extreme cramps seized him and he suffered terrible pain around his discs and facet muscles. His right leg, back of calf and thigh, was numb and he had sensitive heels. He could barely walk or sleep until he started to take cannabis oil. Connor is one of numerous cannabis oil success stories – he uses a cannabis oil topical to heal his leg and feet pain. He also chose to smoke a high cannabidiol (CBD) strain of cannabis which eases his pain and insomnia. When a disc in your back is damaged, it can bulge or break open which is known as a herniated disc, or a slipped or ruptured disc. Most happen in the lower spine and cause chronic pain.

At Cannabis Network News, we know that cannabis oil has numerous success stories like these and we can help you add to them. Which cannabis oil do you need for your pain and how can you become another success story?

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