Banish Pain with our Cannabis Oil

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October 9, 2017
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October 10, 2017

Banish Pain with Our Cannabis Oil

When in pain, turn to something natural and easy to ingest. Banish your pain with our cannabis oil – we have a choice of 4 different medical grade oils only, also available in South Africa. Our oils come in various forms too to suit our clients’ needs: tinctures, capsules, suppositories, topical balms and vape oils. We source our products from only the most ethical suppliers who use pure methods and products to ensure your oil remains uncontaminated.

THC/CBD Mix for Aches

Pain relief often comes only when you use THC or tetrahydrocannabinol which is the main part of the cannabis plant that gives you the high. When mixed with the medical element in the plant, CBD, it makes an effective remedy against cancer. When you get the blend right, and the dose perfect, you can fight those cancer cells and experience no side-effects. We also use this blended oil for people with HIV/AIDS and for anorexics who need to stimulate their appetite and start to believe in themselves again.

CBN for Sore Bodies

CBN is cannabinol and comes from cannabigerolic acid in cannabis. CBN can treat insomnia, sleep apnea, bone damage and many more ailments – but especially pain. This oil is non-psychoactive and is used to treat nausea and vomiting so is ideal for chemotherapy side-effects, seizures, inflammatory complaints, psychosis and anxiety and cancer and tumours. Definitely a must-have cannabis oil to have in your cabinet if you suffer from pain.

THCA Oil for Agony

Another non-psychoactive ingredient in the cannabis plant is tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid or THCA. It reveals similarities to CBD and is usually removed from the raw cannabis plant and cannot be converted into THC when heated. It is therefore used to treat agony from cancer or other diseases, inflammation conditions and it has great all-round medicinal value.

Banish pain with our cannabis oil. Buy one of our tinctures when you decide which oil will best fight the pain you are experiencing. Our tinctures consist of a solution of cannabis oil with a carrier liquid, such as ethanol, to increase absorption. Our topical balms are also very gentle and ideal for those pains that come from arthritis, tendonitis, irritating skin conditions and melanoma. Contact us today to find out which cannabis oil you should be taking for your pain, and how to banish this pain using the right intake method.


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