Why Chinese Women Don’t Get Breast Cancer

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The question why Chinese women don’t get breast cancer can be answered when taking a closer look at their diet. And when comparing the diet of Chinese women to the diet of Western women, there are glaring differences. Chinese women eat three meals a day, usually prepared by themselves and shared with family. There are many rituals and social expectations associated with eating in China and food is treated as a health-giving sustenance. There are several differences between the way Chinese people eat and the way Western people eat and these could affect the frequency of Chinese women getting breast cancer.

Tips for Westerners to learn from the Chinese way of eating

    • Eat small portions of food in small bowls and use chopsticks – this slows down the eating rate, allowing your food to digest properly and to feel full earlier on.
    • Eat food to warm you up in winter (soups and meat stews) and cool food in summer (fruits and vegetables, cold drinks). This also enables a better digestion.
    • Eat fish every day and feel the benefits of the fish oils.
    • Snack on healthy seaweed snacks, nuts, dried fruit and seeds. Not cookies and chocolate and chips.
    • Cut up a fruit to share for dessert – not a processed cake or ice cream or something dripping in sugar.
    • Eat three times as much vegetables as meat, daily.
    • Drink a warm soup daily to aid digestion, and only half a cup is enough, full of vitamins and minerals.
    • Drink only green tea 30 minutes before and after a meal – avoid drinking cold drinks during a meal such as water, sugary drinks and alcohol.
    • Cut out milk (dairy) products and avoid combining milk with anything – milk gives the body too much calcium and not enough magnesium. There is no sign of cow’s milk in Asian diets.

Chinese Women Don’t Eat Dairy Foods

This last point is one to ponder and helps us to understand why Chinese women don’t get breast cancer – the omission of dairy foods from their diets is a huge factor, and the ration of meat to vegetables is equally important. Studies done on American women have shown that women who eat a low fat dairy diet are far less likely to get breast cancer than those who eat a high fat dairy diet. Those who eat no dairy can avoid cancer completely.  Professor Jane Plant was one of these Western women who discovered that she could survive breast cancer if she cut out dairy.

Jane Plant Stopped Dairy and Survived Cancer

Professor Jane Plant was one of the world’s leading geochemists, and was chief scientist of the British Geological Survey (BGS) from 2000 to 2005, as well as Professor of Geochemistry at Imperial College, London. When she got cancer for the fifth time (which had started as breast cancer and moved to her neck and other parts of her body), she decided to follow the Chinese way and stop eating dairy. In a matter of 6 weeks, her tumour had disappeared. Jane stuck vigorously to a whole food plant based diet and the cancer did not return for 19 years. When it did return, it was because Jane relaxed her diet and was eating butter and rich meats and processed foods with dairy ingredients in them.

Jane was convinced that dairy foods feed the cancer and cause cancer. She did a lot of research into why Chinese women have far less breast cancer cases than Western women. American women eat lots of dairy and meat and sugar while Chinese women eat a lot of vegetables and soy and some studies reveal that babies take in plenty of soy from their mothers and when they are born which protects them from getting breast cancer later on in life. Scientists say that all women need to eat a balanced diet, three balanced meals every day, and exercise, avoid alcohol and cigarettes and be happy.

Do you eat dairy and meat? What do you think about these findings? Would you read Jane Plant’s book called THE NO-DAIRY BREAST CANCER PREVENTION PROGRAM: How One Scientist’s Discovery Helped Her Defeat Her Cancer?


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